Lake Forest South Elementary School
 Date updated - Summer 2018
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District: Lake Forest School District Telephone: (302) 398-8011
Address: 301 Dorman Street, Harrington DE 19952 Web: Lake Forest South Elementary School Page
Principal: Clifford Owens
School Safety and Discipline
Number of Reported Offenses (2017-18)

School Crimes (Title 14, Delaware Code, §4112)028638
Department of Education (DOE) Offenses632912,012
All School Safety Policy in PlaceYes  

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Suspensions and Expulsions

Number of Suspensions13
Number of Expulsions0
Count of Students Suspended/Expelled8
September 30 Enrollment479
Percent of Students Suspended/Expelled2%
District Percentage16%
State Percentage12%

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Percent Days Present (2017-18)
Student Achievement
Percentage of Students Meeting State Standards (2016-17)
Grade 364.4%62.5%

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