Kent County Secondary ILC
 Date updated - Spring 2018
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District: Capital School District Telephone: (302) 736-5355
Address: 631 Ridgley Street, Suite 19, Dover DE 19904 Web: Kent County Secondary ILC Page
Principal: William Buczynski
Please note: Not all metric areas may receive a rating. Please refer to the DSSF Reference Guide for more information.
Academic Achievement
No rating received in this area.
Points Earned: 81
Weight: 45.00% Possible Points: 225.00

Growth (2016-17)

State Metric ValueLEA Metric ValueSchool Metric ValuePossible PointsPoints Earned
Growth ELA50.00%26.17%49.33%112.5055.50
Growth Math50.00%29.67%22.83%112.5025.69

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On Track to Graduation
No rating received in this area.

College and Career
No rating received in this area.

Participation (2016-17)

Participation English78.38%96.18%97.94%
Participation Math78.38%96.17%97.81%
Participation Science92.00%96.87%97.76%

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Context Measure
Post-Secondary Outcomes: The percent of students who complete education and career training beyond high school. Students who do so have a greater likelihood of future employment with higher wages. (2016-17) %

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