Beacon Middle School
 Date updated - Summer 2018
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District: Cape Henlopen School District Telephone: (302) 645-6288
Address: 19483 John J. Williams Highway, Lewes DE 19958 Web: Beacon Middle School Page
Principal: David Frederick
School Demographics
Fall Enrollment

Grade 6188237
Grade 7216189
Grade 8202219

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School Promotion by Grade

Grade 6100.0%
Grade 799.6%
Grade 899.0%

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Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity

African American10.4%9.3%
American Indian0.8%0.5%

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Other Student Characteristics

English Language Learner1.4%
Low Income26.8%
Special Education13.3%
Enrolled for Full Year100.0%

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Recently Arrived ELL Students

Number of Students Not Tested on ELA Assessment4

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Class Size (Percentage by Range) (2017-18)
* Elementary and special schools provide their own class size data

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School Finances

District Expenditure per Pupil (2016-17)


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District Sources of Revenue (2016-17)

Percent District Allocation of Current Expenses by Category (2016-17)

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Exemplary Programs
Beacon Middle School is comprised of grades six, seven, and eight. Each grade level is comprised of two teams. Because the intellectual, social, physical, and emotional needs of this age group are different from either elementary or high school students, a customized educational program is necessary. The middle school is a bridge between elementary school and high school. It is not an exaggerated elementary school nor a miniature high school, but a blend of the two. Since team teachers have the same planning period, they are able to plan for curriculum integration, interdisciplinary units, field trips and special activities for their students. Communication and support among teachers is much greater with this approach.

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Curriculum Highlights
1. Accelerated coursework in Language Arts and Math at all grade levels.
2 Opportunity to participate in The Academic Challenge program in eighth grade for those who qualify.
3. Instrumental Band is offered to participating students every day all year.*
4. Chorus is offered every day all year.*
5. Technology Education-9 weeks (all students)
9. Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) has been implemented at all grade levels. Students in this program attend an AVID class each day during exploratory time. The strategies and organizational skills learned in class are implemented by the students in their academic courses. Students in this program are encouraged to take rigorous courses and ultimately attend college.
10. Cape Accelerated Program as a continuation of what has been implemented at the elementary schools is now offered in 6th and 7th grade.

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