Mariner Middle School
 Date updated - Summer 2018
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District: Cape Henlopen School District Telephone: (302) 684-8516
Address: 16391 Harbeson Rd., Milton DE 19968 Web: Mariner Middle School Page
Principal: Alfred Best
School Demographics
Fall Enrollment

Grade 6192210
Grade 7195197
Grade 8195193

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School Promotion by Grade

Grade 698.4%
Grade 798.0%
Grade 899.5%

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Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity

African American18.2%18.7%
American Indian 0.2%

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Other Student Characteristics

English Language Learner3.5%
Low Income34.0%
Special Education16.5%
Enrolled for Full Year100.0%

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Recently Arrived ELL Students

Number of Students Not Tested on ELA Assessment1

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Class Size (Percentage by Range) (2017-18)
* Elementary and special schools provide their own class size data

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School Finances

District Expenditure per Pupil (2016-17)


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District Sources of Revenue (2016-17)

Percent District Allocation of Current Expenses by Category (2016-17)

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Exemplary Programs
"The" Mariner Middle School (MMS) continually acts to improve on our academics and our programs. We offer a variety of exemplary programs and club time during the school year.
Students are able to enroll in honors language arts classes as well as honors math classes. Mariner Middle School offers a CAP program for our gifted and talented students in sixth and seventh grade language arts and math. Academic Challenge Courses in Math and English are offered at Delaware Technical and Community College for 8th grade students who meet the rigorous criteria. We also have full implementation of the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program at all three grade levels. This program better prepares students for academic rigor and the college process. Mariner Middle School is attempting to become a national demonstration school for AVID.
Mariner also offers many programs to offer extra support. Some options are in our exploratory classes and after school programing.

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Curriculum Highlights
Students at Mariner Middle School are able to take classes that range from CAP (gifted and talented) honors math, math, honors language arts, language art, science, social studies, physical education, health, art, technology education, computers, math strategies, and Read 180. When are students are in seventh grade they have an opportunity to take an overnight field trip to the Cape Henlopen State Park and in eighth grade they have an opportunity to take a four day field trip to Florida to snorkel in the Crystal River. Mariner offers a variety of programs and extra-curricular activities for students.
Some examples are Honor Society, Student Council, band, chorus, Jazz Band, drama, football, field hockey, girls volleyball, basketball, wrestling, baseball, softball, lacrosse, soccer, and track.
We believe that "The" Mariner Middle School offers an amazing overall experience for a middle school student.

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