Delaware School for the Deaf School (DSD)
 Date updated - Fall 2017
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District: Christina School District Telephone: (302) 454-2301
Address: 630 East Chestnut Hill Road, Newark DE 19713 Web: Delaware School for the Deaf School (DSD) Page
Principal: Daphne Werner
School Demographics
Fall Enrollment

Grade 154
Grade 286
Grade 376
Grade 4610
Grade 535
Grade 633
Grade 755
Grade 846
Grade 934
Grade 10104
Grade 111112
Grade 1298

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School Promotion by Grade

Grade 1100.0%
Grade 2100.0%
Grade 3100.0%
Grade 4100.0%
Grade 5100.0%
Grade 6100.0%
Grade 7100.0%
Grade 8100.0%
Grade 972.7%
Grade 1083.3%
Grade 11100.0%
Grade 1275.0%

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Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity

African American28.8%28.8%
American Indian0.9% 
Hawaiian 1.0%

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Other Student Characteristics

English Language Learner1.8%1.9%
Low Income27.3%38.0%
Special Education100.0%100.0%
Enrolled for Full Year100.0%N/A

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Recently Arrived ELL Students

Number of Students Not Tested on ELA Assessment0

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Class Size (Percentage by Range) (2016-17)
* Elementary and special schools provide their own class size data

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School Finances

District Expenditure per Pupil (2015-16)


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District Sources of Revenue (2015-16)

Percent District Allocation of Current Expenses by Category (2015-16)

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Exemplary Programs
The Delaware School for the Deaf administers initiatives aimed at enhancing students’ overall program. DSD is a Positive Behavior Support school. The Creative Mentoring program brings together business leaders in our community and our students in an effort to increase mutual understanding of deaf and hard of hearing individuals, employment options, and accommodations. The Academic Bowl team competes regionally and nationally. All of our staff participate in long-term ASL-English Bilingual Training (AEBT). LINK@DE (Literacy and Innovative Networking for Knowledge) is designed to improve achievement for all deaf, hard of hearing, and deaf-blind students in Delaware by bringing DSD, Statewide Programs, and all of our consumers/stakeholders together. LINK@DE is working towards providing cutting edge site- and web-based services and support in the areas of language development, literacy education, arts and technology integration practices, educational advocacy, and accommodations.

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Curriculum Highlights
The educational program at DSD is an ASL-English bilingual program. Best practices in bilingual education are utilized with an emphasis on developing and maintaining fluency and skill in both American Sign Language and English among our students. All modes of language are balanced and addressed in our program – reading, writing, signing, viewing, speaking, and listening – as appropriate for each individual student. Teachers follow the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics; the Next Generation Science Standards; the Delaware State Standards for Social Studies; and the Delaware State Standards for all elective/special classes. Science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics (STEAM) integration is a particular focus across all content areas and grades. Experiential, project/problem-based, and thematic learning are all critical components of our students’ daily instruction.

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Each child has an opportunity to develop social and academic language skills in both American Sign Language and English in flexible groupings based on data that is tailored to their individual needs through receptive and expressive signing, reading, writing and listening and speaking when appropriate. At Delaware School for the Deaf and Statewide Programs, student learning in a changing world is on the forefront of what we do.

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