First State School
 Date updated - Summer 2018
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District: Red Clay Consolidated School District Telephone: (302) 320-5848
Address: 501 West 14th Street, Wilmington DE 19899 Web: First State School Page
Principal: Kathleen Mattix
School Demographics
Fall Enrollment

Grade 2 1
Grade 31 
Grade 4 2
Grade 51 
Grade 611
Grade 722
Grade 833
Grade 921
Grade 1055
Grade 1184
Grade 1216

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School Promotion by Grade

Grade 3100.0%
Grade 5100.0%
Grade 6100.0%
Grade 7100.0%
Grade 8100.0%
Grade 9100.0%
Grade 10100.0%
Grade 11100.0%
Grade 12100.0%

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Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity

African American70.8%72.0%
American Indian4.2%4.0%

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Other Student Characteristics

English Language Learner12.0%
Low Income76.0%
Special Education100.0%
Enrolled for Full Year100.0%

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Recently Arrived ELL Students

Number of Students Not Tested on ELA Assessment0

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Class Size (Percentage by Range) (2017-18)
* Elementary and special schools provide their own class size data

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School Finances

District Expenditure per Pupil (2016-17)


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District Sources of Revenue (2016-17)

Percent District Allocation of Current Expenses by Category (2016-17)

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Exemplary Programs
First State School gives students, who would otherwise be homebound with serious illnesses, the chance to attend school with their peers while they get the medical treatment they need. Located at Wilmington Hospital, First State School offers K-12 education to children with diabetes, sickle cell anemia, severe asthma, cancer and other illnesses that preclude attendance at regular school.

The program is only one of three in operation nationwide and is co-sponsored by Christiana Care and the Delaware Department of Education through the Red Clay School District. Teachers are state-certified employees of Red Clay, and they provide instruction in accordance with the student's IEP and the Delaware State Content Standards. The First State School staff, including physicians, nurses, educators and psychologists are available throughout the school day to oversee each student's daily needs in collaboration with their family and primary care physicians and subspecialty consultants.

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Curriculum Highlights
Student Government
Students in First State School have the opportunity to vote for mayor and classroom representatives every marking period. They participate in a town meeting every week during the school year.

Steel Drums
Students learn how to play steel drums and perform every year at graduation.

Overnight Trip
All staff and students participate in an overnight trip. Students get to interact in the community with the supervision of medical, psychological and academic team.

Family Fun Night
Parents, staff and students enjoy an evening at First State School once per quarter. Dinner is served. At that time psychological staff work on chronic illness themes with parents while students participate in arts and crafts activities with recreational therapist.

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