duPont (Alexis I.) Middle School
 Date updated - Summer 2018
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District: Red Clay Consolidated School District Telephone: (302) 651-2690
Address: 3130 Kennett Pike, Greenville DE 19807 Web: duPont (Alexis I.) Middle School Page
Principal: Susan Huffman
School Demographics
Fall Enrollment

Grade 6164153
Grade 7150180
Grade 8178165

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School Promotion by Grade

Grade 6100.0%
Grade 799.3%
Grade 8100.0%

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Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity

African American27.2%28.1%
American Indian0.6%1.0%

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Other Student Characteristics

English Language Learner18.7%
Low Income55.2%
Special Education19.9%
Enrolled for Full Year100.0%

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Recently Arrived ELL Students

Number of Students Not Tested on ELA Assessment6

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Class Size (Percentage by Range) (2017-18)
* Elementary and special schools provide their own class size data

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School Finances

District Expenditure per Pupil (2015-16)


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District Sources of Revenue (2015-16)

Percent District Allocation of Current Expenses by Category (2015-16)

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Exemplary Programs
A.I. du Pont Middle School is committed to the success of all our students by providing them academic and social support through strategies geared to meet individual needs. Students are exposed to a wide range of academic experiences through the daily instruction provided as well as the courses that are offered at A. I Middle School. High level English and math courses are offered at each grade level. Additionally, students are exposed to a variety of living arts courses that help develop their own personal interests.

While there are many opportunities academically and socially for students throughout the school day, there are many after school programs that students are able to participate in that continue those opportunities past the school day. A.I Middle school offers a range of athletic and scholastic activities that students can choose from. A.I. du Pont Middle School strives to build strong family and community connections that support our students.

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Curriculum Highlights
• Planetary Science, Life Science and Physical Science offerings which involve the creation of cooperative projects
• Exploration of American History which included a class trip to Williamsburg Virginia.
• Computer Literacy
• Writing historical fiction and essay composition
• Reading and extended activities on dynamic novels for 6 thru 8th grade students
• Career Exploration
• Rich curricular opportunities for English Language Learners
• Pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry course work preparing students for rigorous high school offerings
• FITNESSGRAM activities and assessment
• Choral and instrumental band offerings

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